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RGB LED Rock Light Color Changing Controller

RGB LED Controller

Introducing the all new RGB bluetooth controller with key fob remote from LUX. Now control your lights with your phone or key fob. For a limited time we are offering a billet machined waterproof aluminum case. Machined by us right in our own shop. 

The single zone RGB Controller from LUX brings you the quality and performance you have come to expect! Easily control your lights through the bluetooth enabled app or key fob controller. Millions of color options, strobe, fade, dim, and more!

Robust design and easy installation!

The LUX RGB controller is an industry standard 'common positive' design allowing you to run other 'common positive' RGB products from one controller - not just LUX lights! So now you can connect your whips, halos or other products to one single controller!

Controller easily powers up to 12 LUX lights. Multiple controllers can be connected through the app to control multiple zones. 

LUX LED Rock Lights

Professional grade LED rock lights from LUX Lighting Systems are Substantially different and Substantially better than any other rock lights on the market. LUX's proprietary and patented technology keeps us way ahead of the competition in performance and quality.

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