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Just a small shop with some regular guys, designing, building and selling the best LED rock lights in the world.

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 All our lights feature high power neodymium magnetic mounting. Just place the light on a flat metal surface and you are done. No drilling, screwing or taping required. The strength of the magnets far exceeds what is required to hold the lights in place.

The technical spec is N45H. They are extremely strong and specially formulated to withstand the heat transfer. The strength of the magnets far exceeds what is needed to hold the lights in place even in severe circumstances.

We have had several professional rock crawling teams use our lights for years.

Have you stared at the sun lately? In a consumer test where the brands of the lights were not given that LUX won 9 to 1 in brightness and light coverage when mounted to a Jeep even over competitors costing 4X as much. We have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee backing this up.

We get this question ALOT! The short answer is that there is no policing what our competition is posting for specs and we have seen some pretty outrageous numbers being posted by the import companies.

We are not going to lie about our specs..... so we will keep them to ourselves.

Our lights are bright, incredibly bright, our patented technology allows us to move huge amounts of heat through the magnets into the mounting surface allowing us to drive more light out of a smaller package than ANY of our competitors.

30 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Our evaluation of competitive product while developing the MAX RGB was that RGBW was a significant disadvantage. RGBW was developed as a result of 'fixing' a color mixing problem on low cost import products. Additionally RGBW reduces the output of White by 75% since only 1 of 4 LED's is lit in 'white' mode. The MAX RGB features proprietary clean white technology, has perfect color mixing and offers incredibly bright white coverage without the rainbow effect of the low cost import products. In 'white' mode the MAX is using all 12 of its emitters blowing away our RGBW competitors. 

Yes, all our lights can be used with any auxiliary switch system. For single color lights we make a very nice Aux switch junction box that really cleans things up.

We only make white and RGB color changing. If you are looking for a solid color, our RGB lights can be hard wired for 7 different colors: Red, Blue, Green, Teal, Purple, Orange, and White.

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