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MOMBA Formable LED Light Rod for Marine 8 Piece Set

Substantially Different 

Substantially Better

Meet the MOMBA


A formable light so innovative it is protected by multiple patents. 


This Product Currently Has a 30 Day Lead Time for Production


Finally a formable LED lighting product that can actually hold up in true marine applications.

The solid one piece polymer body is completely waterproof and can be submerged indefinitely. The polymer is unaffected by salt. 

The all new MOMBA from LUX sets a whole new standard for formable LED lighting. Commercial quality and professional grade like only LUX can do. 

Perfect for all making applications from ski boats, to pontoon boats, to fishing boats, to commercial vessels. Even your boat trailer! If you want light - the MOMBA is your best choice - period.


The only formable light in the world that flexes on 3 axis.

Transparent 1 piece solid polymer semi-rigid body that is nearly indestructible, but can still be formed to conform to irregular surfaces.

Serious output - each 2 foot strip can produce up to 1000 lumens.

Cut to ANY length - each light rod has a lead at each end. Additional scrap pieces can have the polymer scraped away and a lead wire attached so there is no waste.

Up to 5 light rods can be connected together. 

Wide operating voltage range from 9vdc to 22vdc.

Each light is 2 feet long with a 2 foot lead at each end. 

Lights are mounted with included genuine 3M 4905 VHB clear double sided tape. This is a genuine 3M product, not a Chinese copy. This adhesive when properly applied will form a permanent waterproof bond.

What's Included:

(8) 2 foot lights with 3M 4905 VHB tape attached. 



  • Q. How do they mount?
    A.The MOMBA attaches using genuine 3M 4905 VHB transparent tape. This is a true industrial strength tape and when applied to a clean smooth surface will form a permanent bond. Suitable for all environments including road salt and complete full time submersion.

    Q. What is so much different about the MOMBA?
    A. There are many innovation in this light that sets us apart from the competition, but the top 3 would be the MOMBA is the only surface mount formable light that flexes on 3 axes, the body is a completely solid one piece casting that is semi-rigid - strong enough to absorb huge impacts, but can still be formed to fit irregular surfaces, and finally the transparent body of the light truly sets it apart from everything else on the market.

    Q. Can I hook them to my Spod, Switch Pros, or OEM Aux switches?
    A. Yes, all our lights can be connected directly to any AUX switch system or you can use our Pro-Installer Junction Box for AUX Switch Systems to really simplify and clean things up. 

    Q. How do they hook up?
    A. All our lights are designed to run on 12v DC automotive systems. They simply have a black negative wire and red positive wire. They can be connected to any fused and switched system, sPOD, Switch Pros or a number of other accessory switch panels, or you can use our Pro-Installer for a clean, reliable, professional installation. The MOMBA has integrated rectification so the polarity does not matter when connecting it.

    Q. How bright are they?
    A. These lights can produce up to 1000 Lumens per 2 foot light. No one in the market even comes close to this.
  • Premium Lead Wire
    We are proud to offer the best lead wire in the industry. We have our lead wire specially made just for us to our specs. Designed to be flexible, yet incredibly durable, able to withstand high heat engine compartments, fuel and oil resistant - and the best part? It is manufactured right here in America for us - NOT made in China!

    Patented LED Chip Design
    The MOMBA utilizes a patented LED chip with a built in driving IC and internal thermal protection.

    Easy Installation
    Each MOMBA light will come with genuine 3M 4905 Industrial VHB transparent tape applied to the back of it. As long as the mounting surface is smooth and clean the tape will form a permanent bond. It is EXTREMELY strong.

    Solid Polycast Body
    The LUX proprietary and patented solid polycast body sets us apart from all other LED strip lights. Unlike our competitors that have a thin flexible PCB with a silicone sealant on top, the MOMBAs are a solid block of Semi-Rigid Polymer - completely impenetrable from the elements and nearly indestructible. 

    Cut To Length
    The MOMBA can be cut at any point along the body. The body is very thick and strong, so scissors are not going to do the trick - a pair of heavy duty shears or tin snips work well. Scrap pieces can have the polymer scraped away and new leads attached so there is no waste.

    Committed to America
    At LUX we are committed to building our products right here in America. Not only do we build them here, we are also committed to sourcing as much of our raw materials from American manufacturers as we can. From our lead wire, to our polymer resin, right down to the rubber band holding the leads.... if we can buy it in America - WE DO!

  • Marine
    There is simply not a better accent light on the market for maring applications. The formability of this light is perfect for mounting to the countours of all kinds of boats. The solid one piece polymer body is completely impenetrable and unphased by salt.

  • LED
    Package size: 3030
    Patented LED chip design with built in driving IC
    Over temperature protection
    Construction: Ceramic base
    Power Rating: .5 watt
    Color: White 6000k, Blue 455nm, Green 525nm, Red 625nm, and Amber 1300k

    Lead Wire
    Size: 20awg stranded copper
    Insulation: 4.5mm diameter pressure extruded thermoplastic elastomer
    Standards: Sunlight, Fuel and oil resistant. RoHS II and REACH compliant
    Temperature Rating: -40 deg C to 105 deg C
    Length: (2) 24" Long each

    Body Dimensions:
    Length: 2 feet
    Width: 5/8"
    Thickness: 3/8"
    This is the same body profile and polymer as our MONSTER series LED rock lights. 

    Lumens: Up to 1000
    Draw: Approximately 1.4 amps @13.5vdc
    Voltage Range: 10vdc - 22vdc

    Material: 2 part aliphatic urethane system
    Hardness: Semi-Rigid
    Curing: 8+ hours at 150deg F under 60PSI pressure
    Standards: Fuel and oil resistant, UV resistant RoHS compliant