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MONSTER Magnetic 24v DC Industrial LED Light Pod 25 Pc Set

Monster 24v DC Magnetic LED Light Pods

The KING Of LED Light Pods

Now Available in 24v DC

For Industrial Applications

The All New MONSTER from LUX is HERE! The brightest and broadest light coverage your money can buy in a rock light. Drawing just under 10 watts and blasting out nearly 1000 lumens the Monster outperforms competitors rock lights over 10 times it size! 

Size Matters


Bigger Isn't Always Better

How does LUX produce so much light from such a small package? The patented magnetic mounting system from LUX moves heat from the LED's into the mounting surface where the heat is dissipated - Keeping our lights nice and cool, our lights small,  and our output unmatched. 

Our competitors...... well.... as they try to compete with our output they just keep getting bigger, and bigger.... and bigger - trying to dissipate the heat through big bulky obnoxious aluminum housings. When is big too big? 

Of course the LUX patented magnetic mounting system makes installation a breeze! No screwing, gluing or taping required. Just place on a flat metal surface and it is on! With a new custom cast N45H neodymium magnet the MONSTER features the largest and highest strength magnet we have ever put on a rock light. 

All our magnets are triple coated for unbeatable protection! First a nickel coating for hardness and strength, then copper for improved heat transfer, then epoxy for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Just another example of how we continually look to improve our products..... not make them cheaper.


24v DC Products are Built to Order - Please Allow 30 days Production Time

Minimum Order 25 Pieces


Set Includes:

(25) single lights.

Once again... LUX sets the bar to a new height with the all new MONSTER!


  • Q. How do they mount?
    A. All our lights feature high power neodymium magnetic mounting. Just place the light on a flat metal surface and you are done. No drilling, screwing or taping required. The strength of the magnets far exceed what is required to hold the lights in place.

    Q. How are your lights so much brighter than the import products?
    A. The secret is our magnetic mounting. LED light output is all about moving heat away from the LED so you can drive it harder. Our competition uses large aluminum housings to dissipate heat. This limits the viewing angle of the LED's and limits how much heat can be dissipated. With the LUX light our patented magnetic mounting system moves heat from the LED's through the magnets and dissipates into the mounting surface allowing us to drive our LED's harder producing more light.

    Q. Can I hook them to my existing equipments 24dc outputs?
    A.Yes, all our lights can be connected directly to any 24v DC source

    Q. How do they hook up?
    A. All our lights are designed to run on 24v DC industrial systems. They simply have a black negative wire and red positive wire. They can be connected to any fused and switched system, 10 amps MAX fuse. 

    Q. How bright are they?
    A. Have you stared at the sun lately? The all new Monster from LUX blows the competition away. Drawing nearly 10 watts and blasting out almost 1000 lumens the Monster produces more light than competitors products more than 10X its size! We have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee backing this up.
  • Premium Lead Wire
    We are proud to offer the best lead wire in the industry. We have our lead wire specially made just for us to our specs. Designed to be flexible, yet incredibly durable, able to withstand high heat engine compartments, fuel and oil resistant - and the best part? It is manufactured right here in America for us - NOT made in China!

    Magnetic Mounting
    The LUX proprietary and patented magnetic mounting system is more than just a mounting system. Our magnets are engineered into the thermal path of the LEDs moving heat away from the LEDs into the metal they are mounted to! This allows us to produce a tremendous amount of light out of a very small package. Our customers love them because they are easy to install, can be moved easily and do not require any drilling, screwing, taping, or gluing to install.

    Solid Polycast Body
    The LUX proprietary and patented solid polycast body sets us apart from all other LED rock lights. Unlike our competitors that have a thin aluminum housing and a thin polycarbonate lens, the LUX lights are a solid block of Epoxy - completely impenetrable from the elements and nearly indestructible. In addition to providing the strongest LED rock light out there, our polycast body gives the broadest light pattern on the market because there is no need to 'shroud' the LEDs with an aluminum housing.

    Committed to America
    At LUX we are committed to building our products right here in America. Not only do we build them here, we are also committed to sourcing as much of our raw materials from American manufacturers as we can. From our lead wire, to our polymer resin, right down to the rubber band holding the leads.... if we can buy it in America - WE DO!

  • CNC Machines
    Perfect for all those dark corners that factory lighting never seems to reach. Easy magnetic mounting makes moving these lights to where you need them super easy! Completely submersible and impervious to machine tool coolants.

    Production Equipment
    Perfect for any production equipment needing a little extra light in those hard to reach areas. 

  • LED
    Package size: 3030
    Patented LED chip design with built in driving IC
    Over temperature protection
    Construction: Ceramic base
    Power Rating: 2.4 watt
    Color: White 6000k, Blue 455nm, Green 525nm, Red 625nm, and Amber 1300k

    Lead Wire
    Size: 20awg stranded copper
    Insulation: 4.5mm diameter pressure extruded thermoplastic elastomer
    Standards: Sunlight, Fuel and oil resistant. RoHS II and REACH compliant
    Temperature Rating: -40 deg C to 105 deg C
    Length: 10 foot or 20 foot

    Construction: Neodymium
    Classification: N45H
    Size: Custom Cast Shape 
    Coatings: 1st layer nickel, 2nd layer copper, 3rd layer epoxy

    Lumens: Up to 1000
    Draw: Approximately 700mA @24vdc
    Voltage Range: 18vdc - 30vdc

    Material: 2 part aliphatic urethane system
    Hardness: 80+-2 Shore D
    Tensile Strength: 4000psi
    Flexural Strength: 7200psi
    Compressive Strength: 7150psi
    Curing: 8+ hours at 150deg F under 60PSI pressure
    Standards: Fuel and oil resistant, UV resistant RoHS compliant